How do I manage cash flow?

Managing your day-to-day finances can seem like a daunting task. Computer programs such as Microsoft Money and Quicken can be cumbersome to learn and use given all their capabilities and set up time. With recent developments in technology, you can put your budgeting and cash-flow management on auto-pilot. You may want to consider using the user-friendly website at

Mint allows you to set up a free account and add login information for your online financial accounts; including credit and debit cards and bank and investment accounts. As you spend, save, and invest, Mint automatically records transactions and categorizes them. For instance when you buy a mocha frappe from Starbucks, the budgeting program automatically categorizes the purchase under Food & Dining–Coffee Shops. Additionally, when you purchase an investment, it will be recorded in your Investments tab. You can use to track and manage your spending, track your investments, or even build a comprehensive personal balance sheet, showing assets, liabilities, and a net worth figure.

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