Are you going to be broke in retirement?

So I am not a sales person and try not to be pushy, but I have to share with you some of the results of the recent 2010 Retirement Confidence Survey.  The survey shows that 44% of all workers in the US just took a guess (is this a random guess?) at how much money they needed to save for retirement!  The next statistic is even more concerning.  Almost 30% of Households with annual income of $75,000 or greater thought they only needed $500,000 or less for retirement!

There is a rule of thumb that says you can withdraw about 4-5% of your portfolio per year throughout retirement.  This would mean that at 5% the household would only be drawing $25,000 ($500,000 * 5%) a year from their portfolio!  This would be a HUGE decrease in standard of living!

If you don’t know how much you should have saved, find a planner at

Source:  (check out page 23)

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