2011 Financial Tips

Start your financial year off right!  I was reading an article (see link to article below) on yahoo finance and thought it gave some good insight into steps you can take to move in the right financial direction. 

The tips were:

1 ) Define (or redefine) your life goals

2 ) Get the big picture of your financial plan

3 ) Create an investment policy statement

4 ) Know your risk tolerance

5 ) Review and rebalance your portfolio

6 ) Establish an emergency fund

7 ) Review your approved list (of investments)

8 ) Roth IRA conversion and more

9 ) Estimate your retirement nest egg needs

10) Capture the match in your retirement plan

To read the entire article, click here: http://finance.yahoo.com/focus-retirement/article/111746/top-10-investing-tips-for-2011?mod=fidelity-managingwealth&cat=fidelity_2010_managing_wealth

As a financial planner, I help my client’s everyday with each of these topics and more.  If you have personal question about any of the above (or a question you would like me to address in a future blog) please email me at william@summitfin.com

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