Missing Money

Have you ever misplaced several thousand dollars?  Most of us can’t say that we have…  I for one know where most of my money goes and if $100 were to go missing, I would be able to find it quickly.  However, a lot of people have money just sitting out there in state escheat (fancy legal word meaning that things can’t just hang out in limbo).  The money gets lost in transition.  You have a deposit on file with the electric company, you move and they don’t have a forwarding address.  You left a job and ended up with a small check and they didn’t think to mail it to you.  You had a great uncle who passed away and named you beneficiary on a life insurance policy, but they couldn’t find you… any reason big or small.

So how can you find out if you or a loved one (they might be really loved if they payment is large enough) have money sitting in the state escheat funds?  You can check out www.missingmoney.com for a national search or take a look at your county auditor’s website for a more local search.  A lot of company’s charge a “finder’s fee” if they help you get your money back, but you can likely do it on your own.  So give it a look…

P.S.  It can be worth a look after someone passes away…morbid I know…

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