70 year old with no savings…


When I woke up this morning, and I thought this was going to be a good day.  Watch a little basketball and get ready to play hockey tonight.  BUT, while checking my email, I saw this article on yahoo about a 70 year old woman with no savings.  I don’t mean a small side account…NO SAVINGS.  Her story is not a sad one.  She doesn’t have cancer or donate all of her money to charity.  No, she just didn’t save.  Seriously?!?!  As a society, we are putting her story in the paper with no mention of “hey kids…don’t live your life like this…”  The best quote: “Ms. Wilson would probably manage on her current income, though not without sacrifice…”  She never sacrificed any other time of her life, so we are now supposed to feel sorry for her now?  Wake up people!  Save some money while you are working!

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